Our facilities are state-of-the-art and well-laid out to maximize production capacity and productivity. These facilities allow us to leapfrog ahead to position ourselves as a premium brand in the alloy wheel market.


Our wheels are not mass-produced. Each wheel is cast to order to assure the optimal fitment for each vehicle, and to satisfy our client demand for individualization. From aluminium to work of art under the immense art and pressure of the casting process. The Gravity Casting and Low Pressure technology allow to cast up to 26 inches with more complicated designs and low rejection rate.


The plant equipped with a full capacity of 12 machining line which capable of handling precision and high tolerance requirement. From drilling, surface cutting, deburring, to milling, our trained operators will ensure process being completed precisely with aid of high speed computer numerical control. Balancing, A battery of tests such as Air Leak Test will be carry out during the process of machning to ensure a smooth, vibration free ride.


The fully automated state-of-art paint line cum surface preparation facility includes cleanliness control equipment, dust free spraying boothes and waste management system. The painting infrastructure consists of surface pre-treatment chrome-free line, powder coating line, colour painting line and clear coat line.

Test Facility: Quality Assurance

SSW comprehensive quality control programs includes technologically advanced laboratory test i.e. cornering fatigue testing, impact resistance testing (13/30/90 degrees), Dynamic Radial Load Tester as wel as cornering test. To bring its commitment towards excellence on the production of high quality alloy wheels, SSW adheres to strict quality control procedures at each and every production step in accordance with international manufacturing quality standards.